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InspecS® Overview

The responsibility for ensuring that playground equipment and its installation meet the requirements of the standard lies with the playground operator. They must also ensure that regular inspections and maintenance are carried out as set out in the standard.

The standard DIN EN 1176-1:2017, which applies throughout Europe, regulates the safety requirements for playground equipment and its safety testing, inspection, and maintenance. The play equipment must also be installed according to these specifications. Those who carry out the installation work are responsible in this case. Since 1st July 2018, playground equipment foundations must also be inspected by an expert during the main annual inspection.

To do so, the foundations must be exposed, which in the case of synthetic impact-attenuating surfaces means a considerable amount of work and downtime due to closing and securing the site, followed by demolition, disposal, and restoration work. Another standard (DIN EN 1177:2018-03) defines values for the shock-absorbing properties of the surface below playground equipment and describes the inspection method to be applied. Despite annually recurring manual demolition and restoration effort, repairs can usually only be carried out in an aesthetically inadequate manner (also known as “patches”). Moreover, the impact-attenuating properties of the original synthetic impact-attenuating surface can also only be restored to a limited extent. It would then be necessary to time-consumingly verify each of the renewed positions individually.


InspecS® product solution:
Obligations meet fun

InspecS® inspection covers are undetachable fitted around vertical or inclined poles and can be easily raised by the inspector, allowing the underlying foundations to be inspected without restriction. Using the InspecS® tool kit, it is also possible to retrofit the existing areas. InspecS® inspection covers universally fulfill the impact-attenuating properties of the surrounding impact-attenuating surface as per DIN EN 1177, both in new constructions and when retrofitted.


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InspecS® Tech Specs

Ø variable Ø 380 mm h: 75 mm Ø variable Ø 380 mm h: 45 mm Ø variable Ø 380 mm h: 75 mm Ø variable Ø 380 mm h: 45 mm

InspecS® Video Tutorials

Installation of Inspection "InspecS"

Subsequent installation of Inspection "InspecS"




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